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The Doctoral School gives you the opportunity to sign up for the MultiSport Plus Program. As part of the program, you receive a card that entitles you to enter 4,500 sports facilities in Poland (such as gyms, fitness classes, swimming pools, yoga, dance lessons and many, many more). Moreover, it can be used multiple times per day. To join the program, you have to complete two documents (in the selected language version):

MultiSport card application / Multisport formularz

Consent Form for participation in the program / Zgoda Pracownika UJ SDSP 
[the consent applies to both: PhD Students and employees]

The documents must be signed and delivered to the school office by the 15th day of the month in advance (2 weeks before the subscription starts).

The cost for a PhD student is PLN 31.50 gross, the rest is covered by the Doctoral School. The fee is deducted monthly from the scholarship. It is also possible to suspend the card for a certain period or cancel it. 

The list of all sports facilities can be found at: