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Biomedical Sciences

Admission to the Biomedical Sciences education programme
in the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences
language of education: English

PhD Programme in Biomedical Sciences is a programme at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences the Jagiellonian University in Krakow with a strong inter-disciplinary, international inter-sectoral research and training dimension.

We will recruit early stage researchers (ESRs) in an open call, targeting the most talented and motivated ESRs in the fields of Biological and Medical Sciences. The recruitment process will adhere to the guidelines set in the code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers and the European charter for researchers, ensuring transparency of the recruitment process based on the merit and skills of applicants. The recruitment process will not discriminate applicants based on their personal features.

Training will be focused on the interest and expertise of researchers working at one of the three units: 

The program covers various areas of biology:

  • synthetic,
  • structural,
  • molecular,
  • cellular,
  • developmental

and utilizes plants, viruses, bacteria, invertebrates and vertebrates. The program is also linked to interdisciplinary studies in endothelial biomedicine. 


Our Students offered a place in our PhD programme will obtain a full scholarship funded by the Polish government regardless of nationality.

The applicants are recruited for the specific research topics offered by the potential supervisors. 

We encourage our students to get involved in the broad range of scientific activities of MCB, JCET and Solaris research groups. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn to think across disciplines and build up initial collaborations and cross-disciplinary skill sets.

The programme is run in English in an eight-semester system.

During their studies, our students are expected to attend training courses in transferable and general research skills, participate in the students' and outreach activities, present their work regularly and attend seminars.

See also:

Website of the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology (MCB)
Website of the Jagiellonian Centre for Experimental Therapeuticstion (JCET)
Website of the Nationa Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS
A subpage dedicated to this education programme

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List of available research topics:

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How to apply?

  1. Check the admissions schedule.
  2. Read the rules and detailed conditions of admission.
  3. Collect the required documents.
  4. Apply in the Online Application System (IRK).
  5. Take the exam.
  6. Make an enrolment in the Doctoral School.

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Admission schedule

for Biomedical Sciences Education Programme

1st round

  • 21. May 2024 – Opening of registration in IRK System
  • 12. June 2024 – Closing of registration in IRK System
  • 2-3. July 2024 – Entrance exams
  • 3. July 2024 – Committee meeting 
  • 8. July 2024 – Announcement of results
  • 22-31. July 2024 – Enrollment to the Doctoral School*
  • 1-2. August 2024 – Enrolment in the Doctoral School from the reserve list*

*enrollment possible during working hours of Secretariats of the Education Programmes

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Admission limits

1st round:

  • in Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology (MCB) – 3 doctoral students

  • in Jagiellonian Centre for Experimental Therapeutics (JCET) – 4 doctoral students

  • in National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS – 2 doctoral students​

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The information presented on this subpage applies to admission for the academic year 2024/25. Documents such as admission rules, list of required documents, education programme and others may change in the next admission. Most documents differ for each education programme. Always check the documents on the sub-page of the programme to which you are applying.