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Konwersatorium – 23.01.2020

Catch me if you can: on variety of ways neutrophils can kill pathogens
by Prof. Elżbieta Kołaczkowska

Upon infection or injury human body initiates a defense reaction known as inflammation. It involves leukocytes (aka white blood cells) that respond to the intruder or tissue damage by triggering various killing and/or repair mechanisms. The first cellular responders are neutrophils, the most numerous leukocytes in human blood. The cells can catch, immobilize and eventually kill pathogens by a variety of mechanisms, some of them being very much unexpected and just recently discovered. During the lecture all repertoire of neutrophil weapons will be described in detail with emphases on newest discoveries. And the lecture will be illustrated with videos obtained by intravital microscopy i.e. technique that allows to observe biological processes occurring in blood vessels of live rodents in real time.