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The Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences of the Jagiellonian University (SDNŚiP UJ) is a university unit providing education at the third-degree (doctoral) level in the field of broadly understood natural and exact sciences. Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences UJ has grown from a long-standing tradition of educating candidates for the doctoral degree conducted by the Faculties of the Jagiellonian University. 

Our doctoral students can conduct research and study in eight scientific disciplines on 12 education programmes:

  1. Discipline: Astronomy – education programme in Astronomy. 
  2. Discipline: Computer Science – education programme in Computer Science.
  3. Discipline: Information and Communication Technology – education programme in Technical Computer Science.
  4. Discipline: Mathematics – education programme in Mathematics.
  5. Discipline: Biological Sciences – education programmes in: 
     – Biology (in Polish), 
     – PhD in Biology (in English),
     – Biomedical Sciences
     – Biochemistry, Biophysics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.
  6. Discipline: Chemical Sciences – education programme in Chemistry.
  7. Discipline: Physical Sciences – education programmes in: 
  8. Discipline: Earth and Environmental Sciences – education programme: Earth and Environmental Sciences.
The above list does not exclude other educational opportunities at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences - doctoral students also carry out interdisciplinary and cross-field projects, implementation doctorates, etc. The extensive international cooperation of research groups located at the above-mentioned faculties and units means that also doctoral projects are often implemented in cooperation with scientists from other leading research centres  around the world.
The work of a doctoral student is based on the implementation of an individual research plan and participation in the courses offered. The core element of education at the Doctoral School is intensive scientific work which results in publications in respected international journals. An individual research plan is prepared and implemented by the doctoral student with the support of a supervisor. In most fields of study, doctoral students also gain experience in academic teachingby carrying out professional traineeships through conducting classes for students.
Currently, the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences educates over 500 PhD students. Most of the programmes are taught in English, hence in our community about 100 students are foreigners from thirty countries around the world. 
The School is therefore a multicultural and friendly environment for the cooperation of talented young scientists, and its goal is to support them in achieving the best possible research results  leading to their  doctoral dissertation, in intellectual development, advancement of social skills and in building a solid foundation for their future professional career. This is done through, among other things by:
  • outstanding classes and seminars conducted by prominent lecturers and visiting professors 
  • free of charge education in a modern university campus on the outskirts of Cracow, once the historical capital of Poland 
  • scholarships for each PhD Student which could be increased by using funds from different sources, such as IDUJ, NAWA or research projects
  • support for PhD Students in obtaining foreign academic internships (eg. Erasmus)  
  • clear and defined structure of supervision: every PhD Student have a Supervisor/Supervisors who is always available for  expert advice
  • space for dialogue and participation in the Doctoral School's activities and development
  • partnership  between PhD students, Academic Staff and Administration Officers
  • possibility for personal scientific promotion in the Doctoral School’s Social Media 
  • membership within the Doctoral School Society – leading to a real impact on PhD Students' life!
  • medical insurance and the possibility to rent a room in the Doctoral House.
The structure of the Doctoral School is adapted to provide comprehensive, friendly and convenient support for the education process for doctoral students. The Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences is managed by the Director of the School, from October 2022 this function is performed by dr. hab. Roman Skibinski, prof. UJ. He cooperates with the Council of the NŚiP Doctoral School, chaired by prof. dr hab. Barbara Gil for the term 2022-2026, and with Co-ordinators of individual education programmes. The director conducts his activities through the Office of the Doctoral School of NŚiP, and the Co-ordinators of the education programmes are supported by the secretariats of the education programmes located at individual faculties and at the MCB. Due to its location at the Jagiellonian University, SDNŚiP closely cooperates with other Doctoral Schools at the Jagiellonian University (Doctoral School in Humanities, Doctoral School in Social Sciences and Doctoral School in Medical and Health Sciences) and other university units.
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