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Admissions 2020/2021 - general information

We are happy to announce that on June, 29th the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences will be opening the registration that will be held via the OAS website - the Jagiellonian University Online Application System ( We offer places on 11 PhD programmes in 7 scientific disciplines. Detailed information about the programmes can be found directly after expanding the 'Admissions 2020/2021' section.
The purpose of recruitment is to select the best candidates by assessing past study results, scientific achievements and the value of the proposed research project.

The following programmes will be conducting interviews in July: Astronomy, Biophysics, Biomedical Sciences, Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics.
Registration: 29.06-10.07.2020 (at 12:00)
Interviews: 13-17.07.2020
Results: 20.07.2020
Enrollment: 22.07-14.09.2020 (except August)
Entries from the reserve lists: 15 and 16.09.2020
Interviews for the remaining programmes will be held in September.

Registration 29.06.2020-7.09.2020
Interviews: 9-14.09.2020
Results: 16.09.2020
Enrollment: 17-22.09.2020

Resolution No. 5/I 2020 of January 29th, 2020 regarding the rules of recruitment to Doctoral Schools in the academic year 2020/2021.