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Admission to the Physics education programme
in the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences
education at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Appiled Computer Science
language of education: English

The PhD programme in physics involves a combination of courses, the completion of an original, scholarly piece of research that is then presented as a PhD dissertation and the academic internship mainly focused on academic teaching skills. The courses available within the PhD programme in physics are in form of lectures, classes, seminars, tutorials, computer labs and others. They cover various fields in physics and PhD student together with supervisor decide which offered courses are most compatible with needs and interests of given student and his individual research programme.

The program covers several areas of modern physics and interdisciplinary research:
  • nuclear physics
  • elementary particle physics
  • atomic and molecular physics, quantum optics
  • condensed matter physics
  • materials science
  • surface science, physics of nanostructures and nanotechnology
  • medical physics and environmental protection physics
  • computer physics
  • classical and quantum field theory
  • astrophysics and general relativity
  • mathematical physics
  • quantum gravity and string theory
  • statistical physics
  • theory of complex systems

Apart an experienced scientific stuff, a large international group of younger scientists is involved in the research: postdoctoral fellows and PhD students. Interdisciplinary and inter-departmental research activities also are possible. We also conduct extensive international collaborations what brings opportunities to visit our collaborators in their home institutions. These make that Ph.D studies in physics at the Jagiellonian University are a perfect start to the development of an international scientific career.

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How to apply?

  1. Check the admissions schedule.
  2. Read the rules and detailed conditions of admission.
  3. Collect the required documents.
  4. Apply in the Online Application System (IRK).
  5. Take the exam.
  6. Make an enrolment in the Doctoral School.

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Admission schedule

for Physics Education Programme

1st round:

  • 21. May 2024 – Opening of registration in IRK System
  • 12. June 2024 – Closing of registration in IRK System
  • 26.-28. June 2024 – Entrance exams
  • no later than 5. July 2024 – Committee meeting 
  • 8. July 2024 – Announcement of results
  • 9.-19. July 2024 – Enrollment to the Doctoral School*
  • 22.-29. July and 2.-6. September 2024 – Enrolment in the Doctoral School from the reserve list*

*enrollment possible during working hours of Secretariats of the Education Programmes

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Admission limits

  • 1st round – 15 doctoral students

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Secretariat of the Education Programme

mgr Ewa Lelek

tel.: 12 664 4894

Head of the Education Programme

dr hab. Szymon Godlewski, prof. UJ

tel.: 12 664 4605



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Open grant admissions

There are currently no open grant admissions at this programme

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The information presented on this subpage applies to admission for the academic year 2024/25. Documents such as admission rules, list of required documents, education programme and others may change in the next admission. Most documents differ for each education programme. Always check the documents on the sub-page of the programme to which you are applying.