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Admission to 2024/25 academic year

The Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences runs 12 education programmes (pol. program kształcenia, PK). The educational programmes are run in various faculties, or other units of the university. On the left (or below) you will find links to information about each education programme.

Admissions follow a single procedure, but education programmes may have different schedules and requirements!

Our Doctoral School recruits doctoral students in two modes. Regular - (from May to September) and irregular – when new grant projects start. If you are looking for information on irregular/grant recruitment, please visit the Grant Recruitment subpage.

The admission process (e.g., providing personal data, uploading documents) takes place in the Online Aplication System (OAS, pol. System Internetowej Rekrutacji Kandydatów; IRK) –

More information (recruitment schedules, requirements, conditions, required documents) can be found on the subpages of admissions of each education programme.

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According to Polish law a doctoral scholarship is awarded to every doctoral student who does not hold a doctoral degree. The scholarship is paid by the 10th day of a given month, after commencement of education (matriculation and signing the oath) at the Doctoral School.

The total period of receiving a doctoral scholarship at doctoral schools shall not exceed 4 years.

The statutory (minimum) scholarship amounts are:

  • before the mid-term evaluation (up to four semesters = 24 months):

    PLN 3076.53 net
    [that is: PLN 3466.90 gross minus the compulsory pension and disability pension contribution]
  • after a positive mid-term evaluation:

    PLN 4739.52 net
    [that is: PLN 5340.90 gross minus the compulsory pension and disability pension contribution]

The amount of the doctoral scholarship paid from the grant depends on the amount specified in the agreement, but may not be lower than the statutory scholarship specified above. The doctoral scholarship is not taxed.

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Health Insurance

Jagiellonian University provides health insurance for doctoral students who have no other title to insurance and are citizens of a country belonging to the European Union or the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Doctoral students from outside these countries, can take out their own insurance at the National Health Service.

Detailed information can be found in the health insurance subpage.


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