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Admission to the education programme Mathematics
in the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences
language of education: English

Jagiellonian University in Kraków is a leading centre for mathematical research in Poland and provides a vibrant and active environment for students from Poland and around the world seeking a PhD degree in mathematics.

In the four-year PhD programme, the doctoral student will work under the supervision of a professor on a research project leading to a PhD degree in mathematics. A teaching program for PhD students consists of advanced lecture courses, research seminars, reading classes, and a doctoral colloquium, and can be further extended by other activities (summer schools etc).
A first degree is required to enter the program. It will usually be a master's degree, but in exceptional cases, a bachelor's degree may suffice.
Every PhD student will be receiving a scholarship (37% of the minimum wage of a professor). The scholarship increases to 57% of the minimal professor's wage after a positive mid-term evaluation conducted after two years.  

The mathematical research conducted at the Jagiellonian University covers most fields of modern mathematics. Studentships are in a range of areas in pure mathematics, including algebra, algebraic and analytic geometry, complex analysis, differential equations, dynamical systems, graph theory, functional analysis, and number theory.

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How to apply?

  1. Check the admissions schedule.
  2. Read the rules and detailed conditions of admission.
  3. Collect the required documents.
  4. Apply in the Online Application System (IRK).
  5. Take the exam.
  6. Make an enrolment in the Doctoral School.

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Admission schedule

for Mathematics education programme

1st round:

  • 21. May 2024 – Opening of registration in IRK System
  • 23. June 2024 – Closing of registration in IRK System
  • 28. June - 3. July 2024 – Entrance exams
  • untill 4. July 2024 – Committee meeting 
  • 8. July 2024 – Announcement of results
  • 9.-31. July and- 1.-8. September 2024 – Enrollment to the Doctoral School*
  • 9.-10. September 2024 – Enrolment in the Doctoral School from the reserve list*

*enrollment possible during working hours of Secretariats of the Education Programmes

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Admission limits

  • 1st round – 8 doctoral students

  • 2nd round – 2 doctoral students

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Open grant admissions

There are currently no open grant admissions at this programme

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The information presented on this subpage applies to admission for the academic year 2024/25. Documents such as admission rules, list of required documents, education programme and others may change in the next admission. Most documents differ for each education programme. Always check the documents on the sub-page of the programme to which you are applying.