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Completion of education in SDNŚiP

Editable templates of documents that should be submitted to the appropriate of the Education Programme:

The documents that should be submitted to the appropriate Discipline Council are listed on page 20 of Procedure of proceedings for the conferment of academic degrees at Jagiellonian University. The list contains 11 positions.

Below you can find editable templates of annexes 1, 2 and 3 from the document mentioned above. 

  1. Request for initiating the proceeding for the conferment of the academic degree of doktor.
  2. Statement on not conducting parallel proceedings on the basis of the submitted dissertation.
  3. Statement on the use of text generation tools using artificial intelligence.

Note: To the Council for the Discipline of Earth and Environmental Sciences you should also submit forms that are available on the Council's website.

All documents mentioned in this section must be submitted to the appropriate Discipline Council!

Information about each Council can be found at Research Support Centre website.

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Authorization of UJ to demonstrate academic achievements

In addition, Each doctoral student before completion of education should submit a declatarion which authorizes JU to demonstrate his/her scientific achievements in the evaluation. This will allow these achievements to be taken into account during the evaluation of the quality of UJ's scientific activity in particular scientific disciplines.

Instructions on how to do this can be found on this website.