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Affiliation of publications


Communication No 1/2023 of 4th April 2023 from the Director of SDNŚiP concerning the affiliation of publications to the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Science

Ordinance No. 4 of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University of January 12, 2023 on the procedure for registering the publications of employees and doctoral students of the Jagiellonian University and providing the name of the Jagiellonian University when affiliating publications [in Polish]

Ordinance No. 72 of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University of October 23, 2018 on the obligation to obtain the ORCID electronic identifier of a scientist and its registration in the Repository of the Jagiellonian University [in Polish]

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Authorising Jagiellonian University to demonstrate achievements

Each doctoral student before completion of education should submit a declaration which authorizes JU to demonstrate his/her scientific achievements in the evaluation. This will allow these achievements to be taken into account during the evaluation of the quality of JU's scientific activity in particular scientific disciplines.

The procedure applies to scientific publications* from 2022-2025.

For this purpose, for each publication separately you should:

  1. Fill out the declaration in Polish [download docx here].
    You can read translation here [download pdf here].

    1. Print and complete one declaration for each publication.

  2. Print the RUJ Report
    ​To do so, you need to:

    1. Go to the RUJ (JU Repository) website, into the collection Bibliography of Publications of Jagiellonian University’s Employees.

    2. Search for your publications (the easiest way is start typing your name and selecting it from a list).
      NOTE: Please print reports only for publications from 2022-2025.

    3. Select one item with sign, then choose "Print PDF" and "selected" (on the right side above the list of articles).

      A PDF file with a name starting with "rujreport..." will be downoladed. It should contain only one item and look like this:

      In this way, download a separate file for each publication individually.

    4. a) For handwritten signature:
      Print the downloaded files and, together with the statements, deliver them in person (or by mail) to the appropriate education program secretariat.
      Please combine each statement with the corresponding RUJ report, e.g., by stapling them together.

      b) For digital signature:
      Fill out the declaration and merge with the RUJ Report, then sign the document electronically. If there are several publications, a separate file containing statement+RUJ Report should be prepared for each.  

*Scientific publications are [translation of "Ustawa z dnia 20 lipca 2018 r. Prawo o szkolnictwie wyższym i nauce".]:
1) scientific articles published in scientific journals and in peer-reviewed materials of international scientific conferences, included in the list of journals of the Ministry of Education and Science,
2) scientific monographs published by publishing houses included in the list of publications of the Ministry of Education and Science, scientific editors of such monographs and chapters in such monographs.