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Grant for Ms Mahsa Shahbandeh Vaygha

Project title: Talent Management Minigrants in the Anthropocene PRA
Amount: 34 820 PLN

The title of my research for the “Talent Management Minigrant” competition is entitled “Consequences of land use change and agricultural land abandonment in Poland” which contains “ADAPTATION, SUSTAINABILITY, ADVANCEMENT, PROTECTION (ASAP)” research domain. This research integrates various approaches of Earth sciences and geography and social sciences and assesses impacts of land use change which is an interdisciplinary research. Land use influences socio-economic and environmental systems with tradeoffs for sustainability, food security, biodiversity and socio-economic vulnerability. The project aims to study agricultural land abandonment (ALA), a specific type of land use change, using earth observation (EO) and geographic information systems (GIS) technologies, thus being in line with research ideas developed within geography and land change science. An additional aim of this project is to enhance my skills including geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (RS), land change analysis, Polish social and cultural contexts, leadership, and academic writing.