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After you receive information from IRK system that you have been qualified for admission, you can enrol in the School in three ways: 
  • Personally 
  • Through a proxy 
  • Remotely (by e-mail) 

E-mail enrolment is the easiest way to enrol for those who are not in Poland. Other methods have been described in IRK system. 


The procedure of enrolment via e-mail: 

  1. Get the approval of the Director of the School.
    To do so, write an e-mail to the respective Secretariat of the Education Programme*. Ask for remote e-mail enrolment. When you get approval: 
  2. Fill out >>this declaration, sign it and scan. 
  3. Scan all documents mentioned in Required documents on the website of each education programme. 
  4. Send all documents from points 2 and 3 via e-mail to the respective Secretariat of the Education Programme*

After completing this procedure, you will receive login and password to the university's USOSweb system, which you will need when applying for a place in the Doctoral House.

Note: Thanks to remote enrolment, you will be conditionally enroled. In order to completely enrol, you will have to show original documents in the Secretariat of the Education Programme* when you arrive in Poland. You can do it when you come to sign the doctoral oath. 

Note: All non-Polish documents must be legalised. Read Legalisation of documents page to learn more. 

*E-mail addresses for respective Secretariat of the Education Programme you can find on contact page.