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Recruitment 2021/2022 — Earth and Environmental Sciences (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Recruitment schedule

The PhD study programme in Earth and Environmental Sciences includes studies in the field of:

  1. physical geography
  2. geosciences

In the field of physical geography, the curriculum allows for obtaining a PhD degree in geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology and climatology, soil science and soil geography and comprehensive physical geography and geoecology, as well as geographical information systems.

In the field of geological sciences, the curriculum allows obtaining a doctorate in mineralogy, petrology and geochemistry as well as sedimentology, palaeontology, karst geology, geological cartography, planetary geology and anthropocene geology.

Recruitment takes place separately for physical geography and geological sciences; admission limits are separate and ranking lists are drawn up. Recruitment is based on an interview, which concerns the Candidate's scientific interests, substantive knowledge of the subject matter of the planned research and motivation to take up studies at the Doctoral School.

Detailed terms and procedures of admission

Required documents

Academic researcher opinion