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>> The Biology PhD Programme <<

The "Biology" PhD study programme prepares students for a doctoral degree in the discipline of biological sciences. More information about the programme can be found here. 
Doctoral dissertation topics are related to research in the fields of:
  • Botany, including: plant cytology, plant ecology, classical and experimental embryology, phytogeography, phytosociology, in vitro cultures of plant tissues and organs, lichenology, mycology, paleobotany, plant taxonomy
  • Environmental biology including: ecosystem research, biodiversity, evolutionary ecology, ecotoxicology, natural resources management Institute of Environmental Sciences - Faculty of Biology
  • Zoology and biomedical research, including anthropology, cell and tissue biology, reproductive and developmental biology, endocrinology, faunistics, genetics and speciation processes, neurobiology and immunology, hormone-dependent cancer, xenoestrogens and reproductive disorders
These areas offer numerous seminars, lectures and courses to choose from.
The PhD study programme offered lasts 8 semesters and provides the opportunity to achieve learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and social competences as specified for the 8th level of the PQF (Polish Qualifications Framework).

The “Biology” PhD study programme provides the following benefits:

  • Obtaining an advanced level qualification in the biological sciences.
  • Doing your dissertation and obtaining a doctoral degree at the oldest university in this part of Europe:
  • Personal development through participation in the work of experienced research teams, establishing national and international scientific contacts through extensive collaboration with scientific institutions.
  • Conducting interdisciplinary research with a multifaceted approach to research in terms of theory and practice.
  • Contact with renowned scientists from the Jagiellonian University and other Polish and foreign universities in disciplines related to your study.
  • Access to specialized laboratories equipped with modern equipment such as diagnostic microscopes, a transmission electron microscope for biological applications and a flow cytometer.
  • Participating in research projects and acquiring your own projects.
  • Participating in summer schools.
  • Obtaining language certificates.
  • Popularization of science as broadly understood.

Added benefits:

  • the opportunity to participate in the cultural and social life of the city of Krakow 
  • the opportunity to meet and collaborate with doctoral students from all over the world
  • membership of the PhD Students’ Association of the Jagiellonian University 
  • free education
  • scholarship and health insurance
  • additional remuneration for work in research projects

The graduate of the “Biology” PhD study programme:

  • Is prepared to practice science, carry out research and conduct teaching activities at the university level.
  • Is able to use in practice the acquired knowledge in the field of biological sciences to construct innovative research hypotheses in order to solve theoretical and practical problems.
  • Is able to support the development of others through teaching with the use of modern methodology, techniques and educational tools
  • Possesses the necessary social competences
  • Understands the need and shows readiness to fulfil social obligations resulting from conducting scientific research.

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The schedule's admission for the academic year 2023/2024 will be published in March 2023