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Other insurances (sickness, accident, disability, pension)

Regarding other insurances, the situation has not changed. 

If you receive a doctoral scholarship, the following contributions are deducted from it:

  • Pension insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Additionally, if you express such desire when submitting your scholarship declaration:
    Sickness insurance

If you give birth to a child, you can receive a scholarship with the rights of maternity benefits, regardless of the contributions you pay. On the other hand, paying sickness insurance entitles you to maternity allowance even if you decide to discontinue your doctoral studies.

If you are on an "extension" and are no longer receiving a doctoral scholarship, contributions for the above insurances are not paid because the university has nothing to deduct contributions from. If you are working in a laboratory, you may consider purchasing accident insurance. You can choose any insurer or use an offer negotiated by the UJ Student Council.