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Doctoral scholarschip

As of October 2023, changes to the Law on Higher Education and Science take effect. In the matter of the scholarship, Article 209, paragraph 1a specifying who is NOT entitled to the scholarship has been changed.

The current regulation about salary of 150% of the scholarship amount has been removed:

A doctoral student receiving a salary of at least 150% of the amount of the doctoral scholarship to which he or she is entitled in accordance with paragraph 4 due to employment in connection with the implementation of a research project referred to in Article 119, paragraph 2, items 2 and 3, by the entity conducting the doctoral school in which the doctoral student is studying, during the period of such employment, shall not receive a doctoral scholarship. (autmoatic translation)

And in its place a new regulation was inserted:

A doctoral scholarship is not paid to a doctoral student whose education at a doctoral school requires employment with the body running the doctoral school:
1) under an employment contract;
2) with a salary that exceeds that of a professor. (automatic translation)

The salary of a professor is currently PLN 7210.


According to the interpretation received from the UJ Scholarship Affairs Department, this means that doctoral students who are NOT eligible to receive the scholarship are those who:

1) are employed at JU...
2) as a result of the requirement/obligation of this employment defined e.g. in a grant...
3) under an employment contract...
4) and with a salary higher than PLN 7210 gross per month.

All of these four conditions must be met for a doctoral student to lose the right to receive a scholarschip.

If at least one of these conditions is not met, the doctoral student is entitled to the doctoral stipend at the full amount.  This means that the scholarship is not lost by doctorals who, for example: are employed at JU, but not because JU was obliged to employ them (regardless of their salary), as well as people who had to be employed at JU, but earn 7210 PLN or less, and people who earn more than 7210 PLN, but outside JU.

The regulation according to which the scholarship can only be collected for 4 years remains in effect. 

The purpose of these changes is to increase the number of doctoral students who can receive the scholarship. We encourage you to check whether your situation has improved as a result :)

The changes in the regulations forced the introduction of a new template for the scholarship statement. We are publishing it below:

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Paragraph 10 of Article 209 has also been cancelled. 

This means the removal of the ban on the employment of doctoral students as academic teachers and researchers.

The repealed provision was as follows:

10. A doctoral student may not be employed as an academic teacher or researcher.
The aforementioned shall not apply to the employment of a doctoral student:
1) for the purpose of implementation of the research project referred to in Art. 119
section 2 points 2 and 3;
2) after a mid-term evaluation with a positive result, except that in the case of employment for more than half of the full-time equivalent, the scholarship shall
amount to 40% of the monthly scholarship referred to in sec. 4 point 2;
3) who is not entitled to a doctoral scholarship.

As of October 1, 2023, the regulation does not apply.

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Scholarschip statement

To receive a scholarship, you have to submit a scholarship statement. Once you have been accepted to the Doctoral School, you can complete the first statement in the USOSweb system. In this year, you have to submit your first statement on paper, to the secretariat of your education programme.

If you want to make changes to the statement (for example, due to a change in insurance status), you can submit a new paper statement to the secretariat of your educational programme. 

You can download the form below (in English):

New scholarschip statement was published >>in Order No. 90 of the Rector from 8. September 2023. It changed >>Order No. 73 of the Rector from 30. September 2019 regarding rules for payment and refund of unduly paid doctoral scholarships to doctoral students in doctoral schools of the Jagiellonian University.

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Explanation of the relevant points in the statement:
Adress - please type here your address in Poland
E-mail address - in domain. Check this page if you don't already have one
1. All health insurance information can be found here: Identify your situation and mark accordingly:
  • If you indicate that you have no other title to health insurance and you are a PL/EU/EFTA citizen, you will be reported for health insurance by JU.
  • If you have another title to health insurance, please specify which one (e.g., as a family member, as an employee, as a spouse).
  • If you are not a PL/EU/EFTA citizen, what you indicate here will not affect your health insurance situation. If you have identified that you must self-insure yourself, then cross out the second option in this point.
2. The regulations specify that individuals who: are employed at JU under a contract of employment due to the requirement/obligation of this employment as defined, for example, in a grant, and earn more than the salary of a professor (currently 7210 PLN gross) are NOT eligible for a doctoral scholarship.
3. The amount of the scholarship varies before and after the mid-term evaluation.
4 & 5. Doctoral students who are retired have health insurance paid by ZUS/KRUS
6. Doctoral students with a disability certificate can receive a higher scholarship. More information below.
7. Doctoral students who already have a doctoral degree do not receive a doctoral scholarship.
8. The doctoral scholarship can only be taken for a total of 4 years.
9. The doctoral scholarship can only be taken at one doctoral school at a time.
II. If you ask to be covered by sickness insurance, your scholarship will be reduced by 2.45%. Sickness insurance and health insurance are two different insurances. Doctoral students on scholarship are not entitled to sickness benefit on sick leave, even if they ask to be covered by sickness insurance.
III. Provide the account number where you wish to receive the scholarship.
IV. If you are a PL/EU/EFTA citizen, you can ask to be insured not only for yourself, but also for some family members, as long as you have no other title of health insurance. This is where you can enter this person's personal details.
V. This authorization is essential
VI. Whenever your situation described in the scholarship statement changes, you must notify the Doctoral School by resubmitting this statement (with information about what has changed). The most common situations when you will need to do this are:
  • positive passing of the mid-term evaluation
  • change of personal information
  • change of account number
  • in the case of PL/EU/EFTA doctoral students, also a change in insurance status - that is, gaining or losing another basis for insurance, i.e., e.g:
    • finding or losing a job,
    • gaining or losing the ability to be reported for insurance by a spouse,
    • crossing the age limit of 26 and therefore losing the possibility of being reported for insurance by parents,
    • for more information on health insurance, please visit this website:

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A doctoral student with a disability certificate, a disability degree certificate, or a certificate referred to in Article 5 and Article 62 of the Act on Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities of August 27, 1997, is entitled to receive a scholarship at the doctoral school in an amount higher by 30% than the minimum scholarship specified in the Act on Higher Education and Science (Art. 209, para. 4, points 1) and 2).
It means:
  • before mid-term evaluation (up to four semesters = 24 months):

    _______ zł net
    [that is: 4506,97 zł gross minus the compulsory pension and disability pension contribution]
  • after a positive mid-term evaluation:

    _______ zł net
    [that is: 6380,97 zł gross minus the compulsory pension and disability pension contribution]

How to Apply?

Right after enrolling in the school and activating an account in the domain send a scan of your current disability certificate or the equivalent of such document for verification at the Jagiellonian University’s Accessibility Center (in Polish: Centrum Dostępności, CD UJ) to;
For doctoral students starting their education at Doctoral School, this activity should be performed before submitting the statement for scholarship purposes in the USOSweb system. Only after the data from the statement have been entered into the USOS system by the “CD UJ” Advisor, is it possible to successfully submit the scholarship application online (at, usually the next day after data migration).
When you receive feedback from CD UJ, you can submit a statement for scholarship purposes via according to the path: 'For all' → 'Applications' → 'Statement for doctoral students at the doctoral school regarding the doctoral scholarship for the academic year 20... (without the Medical College)'. Approve, print, and submit it (together with a copy of the email from the “CD UJ” confirming that the certificate data have been entered into the system) to the Secretariat of the Education Programme.
If your disability certificate is temporary, remember to send a scan of the updated one to at least two weeks before the end of the month in which the previous certificate expires. 
If you fail to update the certificate on your part, the school will not be held responsible for failure to make the increased scholarship payment in the month following the certificate's expiry.