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PhD Programme in Biology (Nauki biologiczne)

PhD Programme in Biology is carried out in English, in full-time, eight-semester system. 

This PhD programme covers courses representing various areas of biological sciences, including training in modern methodology and mastering skills useful in professional academic and nonacademic career. Choice of facultative classes and possibility of gaining credits for courses offered outside of the University ensures flexibility and helps to adjust participation in classes to the individual research plan of the student. 

For everyone who will be accepted for the PhD programme in Biology a scholarship is guaranteed.

PhD students are recruited to the specific research topics offered by the faculty members (see Recruitment). Each year, PhD students and their advisors/promotors write individual research plan for a given year. Until the end of four semester student’s achievements are evaluated (mid-term evaluation) by the committee. 

Doctoral dissertations are prepared under the supervision of scientific staff of the Faculty of Biology (members of the Institute of Botany, Institute of Environmental Sciences or Institute of Zoology and Biomedical Research). PhD programme in Biology lead to the scientific Doctoral title in the discipline of biology

List of topics offered in 2019

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