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Visa & Residence

1. Visa for Poland
2. Temporary residence permit
3. Registration of residency

Visa for Poland

Citizens of most non-EU countries are required to apply for a viza before they come to Poland.

For more information on visas please check:

or contact the polish embassy/consulate in your country.

You will need proof of possibility of accommodation for your visa application. Check >>Accommodation section for more information.

Temporary residence permit

Once you arrive in Poland, you should start applying for a temporary residence permit.

You can find the whole procedure on this portal:
The site is also available in Arabic, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Registration of residency

Every foreigner is obliged to register residency (in Polish: meldunek or zameldować się) if he/she plans to stay on Polish territory: 

  • more than 30 days - citizens of non-EU/EFTA countries 
  • more than 3 months - citizens of EU/EFTA countries 

You should register your residency no later than on the 4th day of living in the place where you want to register (usually in the Doctoral House). To register residency you need: 

  • passport 
  • visa or residence card (or other document confirming legal residence in the country) 
  • filled out >>application form   
    • in point 6 you must obtain the signature of the employee of the Doctoral House (or the signature of the owner of the apartment, if you rent the apartment yourself) 
  • document confirming the legal title to the premises (e.g. an apartment rental agreement); for the Doctoral House this is not necessary) 

The registration itself is free of charge. The issuance of a certificate of temporary residence registration costs PLN 17. You will need it, so apply for it. 

In Kraków you can register your residency in Wydział Spraw Administracyjnych Urzędu Miasta, al. Powstania Warszawskiego 10


When you register, you will be assigned a PESEL number (this is a unique number for each person, which allows you to uniquely identify yourself and use the services of government offices) 

Thanks to PESEL numer, you will be abble to create the Trusted Profile (in Polish: Profil Zaufany).