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Seminars of the School on 4th and 25th June!

We are happy to inform you that the last seminars of the School will take place on 4th and 25th June. For security reasons, both meetings will be conducted remotely through the TEAMS application.

The Doctoral School Seminars take place at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in the room 1093 at 16:30. They are held in English. For more information please click the title of the seminar:

17.10.2019 — Dr. Sebastian Szybka: Diagrammatic Notation
28.11.2019 — Prof. Jarosław Grytczuk: Primes, Fractals, and Contemporary Music
19.12.2019 — Prof. Andrzej Kotarba: Application of microorganisms for nanomaterials synthesis
23.01.2020 — Prof. Elżbieta Kołaczkowska: Catch me if you can: on variety of ways neutrophils can kill pathogens
27.02.2020 — Prof. Karol Życzkowski: An Introduction to Quantum Information
26.03.2020 — Prof. Paweł Strzelecki: An example of geometric analysis at work: the Poincare Conjecture and Perelman's proof  cancelled!
23.04.2020 - Prof. Wojciech Grygiel - cancelled!
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