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Nature Masterclasses

Dear Doctoral Students,

a new important opportunity is open for all PhD Students of Jagiellonian University: access
to the excellent prestigious e-learning platform Nature Masterclass. Our university internal reviewer 
(a researcher publishing also in Nature) provided a following very positive evaluation of the platform:

"The entire platform is elaborated in an excellent way, with the perfect selection of contents,
interesting and not tiring form of mini-movies, very clear concise presentation 
(I am amazed how much one can learn from a 2-3 minutes movie). I think the PhD student
can gain really a lot from this platform. I would wish to have further access to the platform myself,
hoping that my age will not be an obstacle for that.”

The following courses are available:

• Scientific Writing and Publishing,
• Effective Collaboration in Research,
• Peer Review,
• Managing Research Data to Unlock its Potential,
• Narrative Tools for Researchers.

To get access to the Nature Masterclasses platform you have to register (see the instruction attached) at:, with obligatory use of your university e-mail address.

For all PhD programmes in the Doctoral School, it is agreed that courses of the Nature Masterclasses Online
will be granted by your programme heads with 2 ECTS for a full set of courses (32 h), or 1 ECTS
if you present certificates for passing at least 15 h of courses.

We wish you fruitful learning!